Impilahti Bedrock Mapping, Soil Geochemistry & Ore Prospecting Field Course 2014

Students from SPbSU and foreign partner-universities have successfully completed Impilahti Bedrock Mapping, Soil Geochemistry & Ore Prospecting course in June 2014.

The course is a part of complex geological and geochemical field training and traditionally realized at training & research SPbSU base in Karelia (Impilahti township, the Republic of Karelia).

This year Impilahti Field Course (IFC 2014) established itself as fully international event – 11 students from the University of Turku (Finland), the Åbo Akademi University (Finland), the University of Tartu (Estonia) and the University of Latvia (Latvia) took part in IFC 2014.

Upon completion of students exchange programme for field training, all the participants are granted with official academic transcripts from SPbSU to transfer their credits in home universities.

IFC 2014 programme consists not only of practical training and field working but also includes theoretical classes in geological structure and metallogeny of the region, trips to the gwags, geological and natural monuments, areas of unique interest of North Ladoga Region.

Within IFC 2014 students directed by SPbSU professors from Mineral Deposits and Geochemistry departments carried out geological and geochemical prospecting of unexplored areas. It resulted in:

  1. 1: 10 000 scale geology map of the explored area
  2. Common factors for chemical elements allocation in soils and rocks are defined
  3. The potential mineral deposit value of the explored area is calculated
  4. Development zones of sulphide mineralization are defined
  5. Elevated concentrations of the uranium are detected
  6. Granite bodies which are potential for rare metal mineralization are discovered for the first time

Taking IFC 2014 was a great experience for all the participants. We look forward to meeting our colleagues next year!