Alexey A. Krylov

Teaching courses

  • Oil and gas geology and geochemistry
  • Lithology
  • Isotopes in lithology and oil&gas geology
  • Geology and mineral resources of the Ocean and Polar regions
  • General lithology  and Q geology (Module: geochemistry of lithogenesis)
  • Ocean basin: morphology, tectonic structure and dynamics (POMOR)
  • Particularities and Features of cold region geology (CORELIS)


Associate professor, Department of Sedimentary Geology


Phone: (812) 328-94-80

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1996, geological survey, prospecting and exploration of deposits; Year 1996; St. Petersburg State University; department of lithology and marine geology;
  • 2000 PhD, topic of thesis: Lithology of the recent sediments from the north-west part of the Kara Sea

Research IDs

Research interests

Authigenic carbonates, diagenesis, catagenesis, Arctic paleoclimate, gas hydrates, stable isotopes

Key publications

  1. Lin C.Y., Turchyn A.V., Krylov A., Antler G. (2020) The microbially driven formation of siderite in salt marsh sediments // Geobiology, 18, 207-224, doi:10.1111/gbi.12371
  2. van Dijk J., Fernandez A., Storck J.C., White T.S., Lever M., Muller I.A., Bishop S., Seifert R.F., Driese S.G., Krylov A., Ludvigson G.A., Turchyn A.V., Lin C.Y., Wittkop C., Bernasconi S.M. (2019) Experimental calibration of clumped isotopes in siderite between 8.5 and 62oC and its application as paleo-thermometer in paleosols // Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 254, 1-20,
  3. Krylov A.A., Hachikubo A., Minami H., Pogodaeva T.V., Zemskaya T.I., Krzhizhanovskaya M.G., Poort J., Khlystov O.M. (2018) Authigenic rhodochrosite from a gas hydrate-bearing structure in Lake Baikal // International Journal of Earth Sciences, 107:6, 2011-2022,
  4. Chernykh A.A., Krylov A.A. (2017) Duration, causes and geodynamic significance of the middle Cenozoic hiatus in sedimentation in the near-polar part of the Lomonosov Ridge (based on IODP-302-ACEX drilling data) // Oceanology, vol. 57, No 5, p. 675-684.
  5. Krylov, A. A., I. A. Andreeva, C. Vogt, J. Backman, V. V. Krupskaya, G. E. Grikurov, K. Moran, and H. Shoji (2008) A shift in heavy and clay mineral provenance indicates a middle Miocene onset of a perennial sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean // Paleoceanography, vol. 23, PA1S06, doi:10.1029/2007PA001497.

Other professional activities

  • VNIIOkeangeologia, leading researcher

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