Elena V. Volkova

Teaching courses

  • Geochemistry
  • Physical properties of minerals, rocks and ores
  • The chemical composition of natural substances 
  • Geological and geodetic practice 
  • Field course on geochemistry 
  • Fundamentals of geochemistry 
  • Geochemistry of endogenous processes 


Senior lecturer, Department of Geochemistry

E-mail: e.volkova@spbu.ru

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1992, Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute, specialty "Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits", mining engineer-geologist

Research IDs

Research interests

Geochemistry; mineralogy; igneous rocks; granites; ore formation

Key publications

  1. Syritso, L. F., Badanina, E. V., Abushkevich, V. S., Volkova, E. V. & Terekhov, A. V., 2018, Fertility of Rare-Metal Peraluminous Granites and Formation Conditions of Tungsten Deposits, Geology of Ore Deposits. 60, 1, pp. 33-51
  2. Syritso, LF, Badanina, EV, Abushkevich, VS, Volkova, EV & Shuklina, EV, 2012, Volcanoplutonic association of felsic rocks in the rare-metal ore units of Transbaikalia: Geochemistry of rocks and melts, age, and PT conditions of their crystallization, Petrology. 20, 6, pp. 567-592
  3. Badanina, E. V., Syritso, L. F., Volkova, E. V., Thomas, R. & Trumbull, R. B., 2010, Composition of Li-F granite melt and its evolution during the formation of the ore-bearing Orlovka massif in Eastern Transbaikalia, Petrology. 18, 2, pp. 131-157.
  4. Syrico, L. F., Badanina, E. V., Volkova, E. V. & Terekhov, A. V., 2008, The problem of the connection of quartz-tungsten veins with granitoid magmatism, Problems of geochemistry and typomorphism of minerals. " Issue 6. To the 90th anniversary of Prof. V.F. Barabanov. 2008. SPb. Publishing House of St. Petersburg State University. pg. 29-41 (in Russian)
  5. Syritso, L.F., Volkova, E.V., Badanina, E.V. & Abushkevich, V.S., 2005, Highly specialized ultra-potassium trachiriodacite in the area of ​​the Oryol massif of Li-F granites in East Transbaikalia and problems of their connection with rare-metal granites, petrology. 1, pp. 105-109 (in Russian)

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