Polina V. Lobanova

Teaching courses

  • Fishery oceanography 
  • Marine Chemistry
  • Coupled physical-biological processes in the oceans 
  • Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems 
  • Satellite methods for detection of high bio-productive areas in the World Ocean 
  • Special training summer practice on the schooner “Nadezhda”, Gulf of Finland 


Assistant professor, Department of Oceanology

E-mail: p.lobanova@spbu.ru

Phone: (812) 328-97-09

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • PhD. 2012 – 2018. Major Field: Geography, Oceanology. Department of Oceanology, Institute of Earth Science, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
  • MSc. 2003-2005. Major Field: Hydrometeorology. Department of Oceanology, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
  • BSc. 1999-2003. Major Field: Oceanology. Department of Oceanology, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

Research IDs

Research interests

biological oceanology, bio-optics, remote sensing, ocean colour, primary production modeling, validation of satellite primary production models, carbon cycle

Key publications

  1. Zvalinsky V. I., P.V. Lobanova, P.Ya. Tishchenko, V.B. Lobanov. Estimation of Primary Production in the Northwestern Part of the Sea of Japan by Ship- and Satellite-Based Observations // Oceanology, 2019, 59(1), рр. 37-48, https://doi.org/10.1134/S0001437019010223
  2. Lobanova P., Tilstone G.H., Bashmachnikov I., Brotas V. Accuracy assessment of primary production models with and without photoinhibition using Ocean-Colour Climate Change Initiative data in the north east Atlantic ocean // Remote Sensing, 2018, 10(7), 1116; doi:10.3390/rs10071116
  3. Lobanova P.V., I.L. Bashmachnikov, V. Brotas. Validation of satellite derived primary production models in the Northeast Atlantic // Living Planet Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-13 May 2016. - ESA SP-740, August 2016
  4. Lobanova P.V., Koldunov A.V., Bashmachnikov I.L. Computer program for calculating spatial distribution of phytoplankton primary production based on a modified chlorophyll bio-optic model for the Northeastern Atlantic (SDpp-NEA). Bulletin of "Computer Programs. Databases. Topographies of Integrated Circuits", 2015, Vol. 11, No. 109, #2015660567

The Head of Current Research Fundings

  • 2018-2020 Modernization of satellite derived models of marine primary production (RFBR)

Other professional activities

  • Chairman of the Association of Young Oceanographers in St. Petersburg
  • Member of the program committee of the All-Russian Young Scientists Conference “Complex Investigations of the World Ocean (CIWO)”

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