Marina V. Charykova

Teaching courses

Bachelor courses:

  • Instrumental  Methods of Natural Substance Investigation and Data Interpretation
  • Physical-Chemical Modeling of Geological Processes
  • Environmental and Applied Geochemistry

Master courses:

  • Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry
  • Thermodynamics of Minerals and Materials


Professor, Head of Department of Geochemistry


Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1983, Leningrad State University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • 1988, PhD, “Thermodynamics of phase equilibria in water-salt systems containing sulfates and acid phosphates of ammonium, sodium and calcium at 25oС”
  • 2004, Dc.Sc.,”Thermodynamic model of modern evaporite sedimentation processes”
  • 2008, title of associate professor

Research IDs

Research interests

Thermodynamics of geochemical processes, physical-chemical modeling in geochemistry and mineralogy, synthesis and experimental determination of thermodynamic properties of rare minerals, environmental geochemistry, geochemistry of natural salts and brines, physical chemistry of electrolyte solutions

Key publications

  1. Charykova M.V., Charykov N.A. (2003) Thermodynamic modeling of evaporite sedimentation processes. St. Petersburg: Nauka, 262 p. (in Russian)
  2. Charykova M.V., Krivovichev V.G. (2012) Thermodynamic modeling of geochemical processes in near-surface conditions. SPb: Publishing House of St. Petersburg. University, 181 p. (in Russian)
  3. Charykova M.V., Krivovichev V.G. (2016) Thermodynamics of environmentally important natural and synthetic phases containing selenium. In: Biogenic-abiogenic interactions in natural and anthropogenic systems. Springer International Publishing, p.145-155
  4. Charykova M.V., Krivovichev V.G. (2017) Mineral systems and the thermodynamics of selenites and selenates in the oxidation zone of sulfide ores – a review. Mineralogy and Petrology, 111(1), 121-134.
  5. Charykova M.V., Krivovichev V.G. (2020) Mineral Systems and Thermodynamic Stability of Arsenic Minerals in the Environment. In: Processes and phenomena on the boundary between biogenic and abiogenic nature. Springer International Publishing, p.259-276.

Awards and honorary titles

Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Other professional activities

  • Member of the Russian Mineralogical Society
  • Member of the Academic Council of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists
  •  Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Council of St. Petersburg State University
  • Chair of Qualification Personnel Commission of the Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Commission of the Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Commission of St. Petersburg State University

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