Olga L. Lebedeva


Assistant Professor, Department of Petrography

E-mail: o.lebedeva@spbu.ru

Phone: (812) 328-91-12

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 2000, graduated from the Department of Petrography
  • 2012, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, thesis topic: "Rifeian, Wendy and Paleozoic dolerite complexes of Southern Verhoyanya"

Research IDs

Research interests

Magmatism of Verhoyano-Kolymskaya folding system

Key publications

  1. Granitoids of Pluton of Putsari as an example of partial melting mixed protolitov/S.I. Grigoriev, L.V. Grigorieva, N.F. Shinkarev, Lyakhnitskaya O.Yu., Lebedev F. N//Notes of the All-Russian mineralogical society. - 2000. - Ch.129, No. 4. - Page 15-28: silt., the tab. - Bibliogr.: page 28.
  2. Lebedeva O.Y. Dismemberment and correlation of Rifeian and Paleozoic dike complexes of dolerites of Southern Verhoyanya. in сб. Geology and metallogenies of ultramaphite-mafia and granitoid intrusive associations of folding regions. Proceedings of the Scientific Conference (X reading by A.N.Zazatsky). Yekaterinburg: Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Uro RAS, 2004. Page 129-132.
  3. Lebedeva O.Y. Tectonic regimes, dynamics of siege accumulation and dike gabbro-dolerite complexes of rifey - palaeozoic of Southern Verkhoyan., in st. The XXXVII Tectonic meeting. Evolution of tectonic processes in earth history, M., 2004, C. 47-50.
  4. Khudoley A.K., Kropachev A.P., Tkachenko V.I., Rublev A.G., Sergeev S.A., Matukov D.I., Lyahnitskaya O.Yu, 2007. Mesoproterozoic Neoproterozoic evolution of the Siberian craton and adjacent microcontinents: an overview with constraints for Laurentian connection. In: Link, P.K., Reed, S.L. (Eds.), Proterozoic Geology of Western North America and Siberia: SEPM Special Publication, 86, pp. 209–226.
  5. Lebedeva of O.Yu. Rifeyskiye and Paleozoic daykovy doleritovy Sette-Dabana/complexes of O.Yu. Lebedev//Common and regional problems of tectonics and geodynamics. - Moscow, 2008. - T.1. - Page 475-478: silt. - Bibliogr.: 5 назв.
  6. Lebedeva O.Yu. About age the doleritovykh of complexes of Youzhny of Verkhoyanya/O.Yu. Lebedev//Regional geology and the metalgenius. - 2012. - No. 49. - Page 56-59: silt., the tab. - Bibliogr.: 9 назв. - Cut. English.

Awards and honors

  • Certificate of Honor for carrying out works on preparation for publication of the set Gosgeolkart-1000/3 sheets Р-55 - Susaman. Issued by General Director of FGUP VSEGEI O.V. Petrov in 2016

Other professional activities

  • Senior research associate, Federal State Budgetary Institution A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (FGUP VSEGEI) 

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