Andrei A. Arzamastsev


Professor, Department of Petrography


Phone: (812) 363-62-01

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1968 – 1974,  Student, St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University, Faculty of Geology
  • 1984, Candidate of Science, St. Petersburg State University, Geology and Petrology
  • 1998, Doctor of Science, St. Petersburg State University, Geology and Petrology

Research IDs

Research interests

Intraplate magmatism: volcanic and dyke series in Paleoproterozoic and Neogene rifts. Petrogenesis of alkaline rocks and carbonatites.

Key publications

  1. Arzamastsev A.A.,  Stepanova A. V., Samsonov A. V., Skuf’in P. K., Salnikova E. B., Larionov A. N., Larionova Yu. O., Egorova S. V., Erofeeva K. G. Mafic Magmatism of Northeastern Fennoscandia (2.06–1.86 Ga): Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks and Correlation with Dike Complexes // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 2020, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 1–34. DOI: 10.1134/S0869593820010025
  2. Arzamastsev A.A., Vesolovskiy R.V., Travin A.V., Yudin D.S., Belyatsky B.V. Paleozoic Tholeiitic Magmatism of the Kola Province: Spatial Distribution, Age, and Relation to Alkaline Magmatism. Petrology, 2017, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 42–65. DOI:10.1134/S0869591116060023
  3. Erofeeva K.G., Stepanova A. V., Samsonov A. V., Larionova Yu. O., Egorova S. V., Arzamastsev A. A., Kovalchuk E. V. 2.4 Ga Mafic Dikes and Sills of Northern Fennoscandia: Petrology and Crustal Evolution // Petrology. 2019. V. 27. № 1. P. 17–42. DOI: 10.1134/S0869591119010016
  4. Veselovskiy, R. V., Thomson, S. N., Arzamastsev, A. A., Botsyun, S., Travin, A. V., Yudin, D. S., et al. (2019). Thermochronology and exhumation history of the northeastern Fennoscandian Shield since 1.9 Ga: evidence from 40Ar/39Ar and apatite fission track data from the Kola Peninsula. Tectonics, 38. p. 1-21.
  5.  Zaitsev A.N., McHenry L., Savchenok A.I, Strekopytov S., Spratt J.,Humphreys-Williams E., Sharygin V.V., Bogomolov E.S., Chakhmouradian A.R., Zaitseva O.A., Arzamastsev A.A., Reguir E.P., Leach L., Leach M., Mwankunda J. Stratigraphy, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Upper Laetolil tuffs including a new tuff 7 site with footprints of Australopithecus afarensis, Laetoli, Tanzania // Journal of African Earth Sciences. 2019. V.158. 103561. P. 1-28.

Other professional activities

  • Since 2012 - Leading research scientist, Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology RAS

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