Irina V. Fedorova

Teaching courses

  • Dynamics of Streams and Watercourse Processes
  • Hydrology of Land Water Bodies (Module “Wetland Hydrology”)
  • The Basic of Professional Communication
  • Permafrost Hydrology and Hydrometeorology
  • Hydroecology and Sustainability of Cold Regions Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Water Management and Natural Water Monitoring
  • The Basic of Professional Communication


Associate Professor, Head of Department of Geo-Ecology & Environmental Management


Phone: (812) 323-85-52

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1997, specialization “Hydrology” of qualification “Geographer-Hydrologist”, St. Petersburg State University, Geography Faculty, Department of Hydrology;
  • 2003, PhD on two specialization: 25.00.27 – Hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Water Resources and 25.00.36 - Geoecology. The topic of PhD Thesis “Estimation of the current state and stability of the Antarctic oases lakes”
  • 2007, Scientific Degree «Associate Professor».

Research IDs

Research interests

Hydrology of Polar Regions, Stability of Aquatic Ecosystems, Geochemical features of Lakes, River-Bed Processes

Key publications

  1. Fedorova I., Chetverova A., Bolshiyanov D., Makarov A., Boike J., Heim B., Morgenstern A., P. P. Overduin, C. Wegner, V. Kashina, A. Eulenburg, E. Dobrotina, I. Sidorina. Lena Delta hydrology and geochemistry: long-term hydrologicaldata and recent field observations // Biogeosciences, 2015. — № 12. — P. 345-363
  2. Bring A., I. Fedorova, Y. Dibike, L. Hinzman, J. Mård, S. H. Mernild, T. Prowse, O. Semenova, S.L. Stuefer, M.-K. Woo. Arctic terrestrial hydrology: A synthesis of processes, regional effects and research challenges. Journal of Geophysical Research G: Biogeosciences, (2016) 121 (3), pp. 621-649.
  3. Dvornikov Yury , Marina Leibman, Birgit Heim, Annett Bartsch, Ulrike Herzschuh, Tatiana Skorospekhova, Irina Fedorova, Artem Khomutov, Barbara Widhalm, Anatoly Gubarkov and Sebastian Rößler. Article Terrestrial CDOM in Lakes of Yamal Peninsula: Connection to Lake and Lake Catchment Properties. Remote Sens. 2018, 10, 167; doi:10.3390/rs10020167
  4. Fedorova, I., Bobrov, N., Pankova, D., Konosavskii, P. & Alekseeva, N.,  Modeling of thermic process of the arctic ecosystems. 19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, SGEM 2019: Proceedings. International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference, стр. 401-409 (International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference-SGEM; том 19, № 3.1).
  5. Fedorova Irina, Dmitriev Vasiliy, Shestakova Elena, Guzeva Alina, Alekseeva Natalia. Nonadditive parameters of Arctic aquatic cosystems. The 19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2019, Section Hydrology & Water Resources, p.269-276 DOI:

The Head of Current Research Fundings

  • Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 18-05-60291 “Adaptation of Arctic limnosystems under fast climate change” (principal investigator)
  • Development of the educational program of a bachelor degree in the direction of preparation 08.03.01 "Construction" with involvement of scientific and pedagogical staffs from the universities entering in top-200 subject global ratings (principal investigator)
  • Development of the working program and fund of estimated means of an discipline "Environmental safety", with involvement of scientific and pedagogical staffs from the universities entering in top-200 subject global ratings in the direction of preparation 13.04.01 "Power system and the heating engineer" (principal investigator)

Other professional activities

Participation in scientific expeditions

  • Russian Antarctic Expedition, Seasonal Member of Expeditions to Antarctic Schirmacher oasis (November 2006-February 2007) and Field Peninsula (January-February 2020).
  • Participation in the Lena River Delta expeditions – 2002-2019 (in summer and spring periods).
  • Expeditions to Yamal Peninsula: expeditions “Yamal-Arctic-2012”, “Yamal-Arctic-2013”, Yamal (Salekhard, Kharp, Erkuta, Polar Ural) – 2018, 2019.
  • Students’ Field Training to Baykal Region – 2000-2019 (in summer period). 

Membership in societies:

  • Member of Public Society of Roshydromet
  • RGO - The Russian Geographical Society
  • ISIRA – The International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic
  • CliC - Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project of the World Climate Research Program  (WCRP)
  • AFS – Arctic Freshwater Synthesis
  • Member of AGU and EGU

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