Oksana S. Izosimova

Teaching courses

  • Methods of ecological and geological research
  • Ecogeology of the shelf and coastal zones
  • Biogeochemical technologies for restoring the geological environment
  • Biochemical methods in ecological Geology
  • General systems theory
  • Instrumental method


Assistant Professor, Department of Ecological Geology

E-mail: o.izosimova@spbu.ru

Phone: (812) 326-49-36

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1998 – Saratov State Pedagogical Institute named after K.A. Fedin
  • 2001 – The Volga Academy of Public Administration 
  • 2004 – Astrakhan State University, Ph.D. (Biology), specialization 03.00.16 "Ecology"

Research IDs

Research interests

Environmental chemistry, chemical analysis of environmental components, environmental hydrochemistry, analytical chemistry of environmental objects, bioindication and bioassay

Key publications

  1. Characterization of a doped MnO2/Al2O3 catalyst and its application inmicrobubble ozonation for quinolone degradation Ozone: Science & Engineering.2020 № 2
  2. Methods of ecological and geological assessment of technogenic oil deposits (on the example of the Burnakovskaya lowland, Nizhny Novgorod) III international Symposium "Engineering and Earth Sciences: applied and fundamental research", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Professor Abdul-Hamid Makhmudovich Bisliev Grozny 28.02.-01.03.2020 G
  3. Study of the impact of petroleum hydrocarbons on sea organisms Journal of Ecological Engineering Том:17Номер:1 Год:2016 
  4. Methodology for assessing environmental and geological pollution of territories of developed mineral deposits on the example of JSC Leningradslanets "Ecology and Industry of Russia" Volume: 21number:2 Year: 2017
  5. Research methods in Ecogeology. Field, EcoSchool -2017 Sep.1-10 ,2017 Harbin, China

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