Stanislav K. Filatov

Teaching courses

  • Crystal Optics (Crystallography and Crystal Optics. Crystal Optics)
  • Short Course in Crystal Chemistry (Physical properties of minerals, rocks and ores)
  • Crystal Chemistry (The chemical composition of natural substance)
  • Crystal Chemistry of inorganic compounds (The relationship of the chemical composition, crystal structure and properties of minerals and derived materials)


Professor, Department of Crystallography


Phone: (812) 328-96-47

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1963, M. Sc., Geochemistry specialty, Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) State University (Geology faculty, Crystallography Dept.)
  • 1977, M. Sc., Saint Petersburg State University, three-year Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty
  • 1969, Ph. D. (Crystallography and Crystal Physics), Saint Petersburg State University, topic «Crystal Chemistry и Thermal Stability of Zirconium Dioxide»
  • 1988, Doctor of Sciences (Mineralogy, Crystallography), Saint Petersburg State University, topic «Crystal Chemistry Basis of Thermal Deformations of Minerals»
  • 1986, title “Docent”
  • 1990, titleProfessor on Crystallography Depart.”

Research IDs

Research interests

High-temperature crystal chemistry, structural mineralogy, volcanology, geochemistry; Thermo crystal chemistry, anionocentric crystal chemistry, crystal structures, thermal expansion, phase transitions, isomorphism, low- and high-temperature X-ray diffraction

Key publications

  1. Filatov S.K., Krivovichev S.V., Bubnova R.S. General Crystal Chemistry. Textbook. Saint-Petersburg: Publishing of Saint-Petersburg St. University. 2018. 276 p. (in Russian)
  2. Filatov S.K., Krivovichev S.V., Bubnova R.S. Systematics Crystal Chemistry. Textbook. Saint-Petersburg: Publishing of Saint-Petersburg St. University. 2019. 231 h. (in Russian)
  3. Bubnova R.S., Filatov S.K. High-temperature Crystal Chmistry of Borates and Borosilicates. СПб: Наука. 2008. 760 p. (in Russian)
  4. Filatov S.K., Biryukov Y.P., Bubnova R.S., Shablinskii A.P. Novel borate Lu5Ba6B9O27 with a new structure type: synthesis, disordered crystal structure and negative linear thermal expansion. Acta Cryst B 2019. B75. 697–703.  
  5. Krivovichev S.V., Mentré O., Siidra O.I., Colmont M., Filatov S.K. Anion-Centered Tetrahedra in Inorganic Compounds. Chem. Rev. 2013. Vol. 113, No 8. P. 6459–6535. Doi: 10.1021/cr3004696 (review)

The Head of Current Research Fundings

  • 2018-2021. Russian Foundation for Basic Research Interdisciplinary, № 18-29-12106: Linear and nonlinear-optical, luminescent, ion-conducting and magnetic mineral-like functional materials based on borates and arsenates: composition-structure-properties
  • Current scientific collaboration between Saint-Petersburg State University and Dresden Technical University as DAAD, team leader of Crystallography Department

Awards and honors

  • 2018, Honorary Member of the Russian Mineralogical Society
  • 2014, the 8th International Conference on Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts was dedicated to Stanislav K. Filatov, Professor of the Department of Crystallography, St. Petersburg State University (Pardubice, Czech Republic)
  • 2011, Winner of the University Award "for Scientific Work" (monograph series "High crystal chemistry")
  • 2009, Georg Agricola Medal of German Mineralogical Society
  • 2000, New mineral, filatovite, is named after Prof. S.K. Filatova
  • 1999, Honored Scientist of Russia Federation

Other professional activities

  • Honorary Chairman of the Commission for Crystal Chemistry, X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy of Minerals of the Russian Mineralogical Society (RMS)
  • Member of the Russian Chemical Society
  • Member of the German Mineralogical Society
  • Member of European Crystallographic Association
  • Chairman / Co-Chair of the series of International Conferences "Crystal chemistry, radiography and spectroscopy of minerals"
  • Co-chairman of the series of Russian Schools-Seminars for young scientists “High-temperature X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Diffraction of Nanomaterials”

Publications about Professor S. Filatov: Krivovichev S.V. Stanislav Konstantinovich Filatov: life, crystal chemistry and crystal chemistry of borates. Phys. Chem. Glass. Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B. 2015. Vol. 56. P. 36–45.

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