Vyacheslav G. Rumynin

Teaching courses

  • Theory and methods of groundwater contamination study
  • Pumping and tracer tests in aquifers


Professor, Department of Hydrogeology

E-mail: v.ruminin@spbu.ru

Education, scientific degrees and titles

  • 1975, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Mining Institute,
  • 1983, Topic of thesis “Subsurface solute transport: Theory and application at mining areas”

Research IDs

Research interests

(i) Main field: environmental hydrogeology, derivation of the analytical models of the subsurface solute transport, development of site characterization techniques, site-scale modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport processes;
(ii) Current research interests: model development for flow and solute transport in stochastically generated fractured media, TTD assessment, impact assessment coursed by nonpoint spatially variable sources of contamination, predicting hazardous waste disposal in geological formations, and radionuclide transport with runoff.

Key publications

  1. Rumynin V.G., Leskova P.G., Sindalovskiy L.N., Nikulenkov A.M. (2019). Effect of depth-dependent hydraulic conductivity and anisotropy on transit time distributions. Journal of Hydrology. V. 579, 124161.
  2. Rumynin V.G., Nikulenkov A.M. (2016). Geological and physicochemical controls of the spatial distribution of partition coefficients for radionuclides (Sr-90, Cs-137, Co-60, Pu-239,240 and Am-241) at a site of nuclear reactors and radioactive waste disposal (St. Petersburg region, Russian Federation). Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. V. 162–163, p. 205–218.
  3. Rumynin V.G. (2015, monograph). Overland flow dynamics and solute transport. Springer, 287 p.
  4. Rumynin V.G. (2011, monograph). Subsurface solute transport models and case histories with application to radionuclide migration. Springer, 860 p.
  5. Rumynin V.G., Konosavsky P.K., Hoehn E. (2005).  Experimental and modeling study of adsorption–desorption processes with application to a deep-well injection radioactive waste disposal site. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. V. 76, No. 1–2, p. 19–46.

The Head of Current Research Fundings

  • St. Petersburg State University, 2019: Experimental and modeling study of moisture transport through the vadose zone at the accident site of the Verhnekamsk salt mine
  • Petersburg State University, 2020: Development of the flow model for site SKRU-2 (URALKALIY Enterprise).

Awards and honors

  • Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences after F.P Savarenskiy (2004)

Other professional activities

  • Member of International association for engineering geology and the environment ( IAEG)

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